“Terry Modeland

The very best care and compassionate staff you could ever dream and pray for !

My 87 year old Mom is a very happy resident and that makes me even happier!   It’s one big loving family enjoying each other’s company every day.”


I have know Dr. Sue Horne for years and she has an unbelievably beautiful facility in Live Oak Senior Care.  The passion and compassion of her team in taking care of the residents is incredible, and the residents respond knowing they are being looked after and well cared for.  Way to go Dr. Sue!”


We chose Live Oak Senior Care for Mom because they had the best COVID prevention, and it’s a beautiful facility. They’re just outstanding. We were so impressed with the facilities themselves, the care that they’ve offered, and the owner. It was in my mother’s price range for her care. It was way above all the others we had looked at. It’s assisted and memory care, but she’s in the assisted part. We’ve been very impressed. Outsiders are not allowed to eat with them yet, but my mom said the food is good. The activities have been good for her. They’re not as full blown as they will be because of COVID, but they’ve been a lot more open than most other facilities because they didn’t have one COVID case. The price is a little high compared to the others, but my mom is not in the level one care, so it’s fine. It’s absolutely the most beautiful place I have seen. It was the best for us and for Mom.